Ken Schripsema joins Seema Global Consulting

I am excited to announce that my husband Ken is joining me here at Seema Global Consulting as our Director of Operations. I have known for years that his professional skills would be of great value to many people and am thankful that now Seema Global Consulting will be blessed first hand!

Ken Schripsema has been serving in non-profit leadership for almost 30 years. He has extensive experience in Organizational Leadership and Team Development, including serving in Executive Leadership in one organization for the past 8 years. He is a Leadership Coach helping non-profit organizations thrive in their mission to develop healthy leaders. Ken has recently accepted leadership responsibilities in Seema Global Consulting LLC, as Director of Operations, where his wife Kinita, is the Founder and CEO.

Ken and Kinita reside in Grand Rapids, MI where they have raised their 4 children and are currently enjoying their empty nest years cultivating their relationship and growing in their respective areas of leadership.

Growing Forward!!

Our company will be celebrating its 1st birthday in June and we have decided to change our name to “Seema Global Consulting, LLC”.  Based on several things that happened in this past year and especially since our scope and clientele has entered the international market, we decided that the name should also reflect that. Lots to celebrate!!

We thank you for your patience as we make gradual changes to the website and Social Media pages.  We are excited to be Growing Forward Together so will update with necessary changes as they arise.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our services or about how we might partner together.

Kinita Schripsema

Founder / CEO of Seema Global Consulting, LLC