Planting Seeds in a Heart

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Here in India we celebrated Friendship Day in August and I wrote an article for our Rotary Club of Nagpur North and it was published in their monthly magazine. Magazine Link

Lately there have been many conversations about friendships and how they work…and in some cases, don’t work.  Especially among women.  So I thought I would share a unique perspective that would help you do better in your friendships! It has certainly helped me in my some of my more difficult friendships.

If you were to view friendships as a way to plant seeds in the heart of another.  What kinds of seeds will you plant?

I am really passionate about women empowerment and since moving to India, the opportunities are endless. But I have also discovered some old wounds being reopened while a deeper healing taking place.

The secret to empowering women, is to empower young girls. Healthy friendships among women, are always full of empowering and encouraging each other. Not competition, jealousy, criticism, or gossip.  I have many women who choose that road and I have learned to keep safe and healthy boundaries in those relationships.


So below is the full article for you to read and hopefully it will encourage you in your journey!


I have a new friend – one who has over the months, become so enamored with me.  

At first, I was flattered. But then I began to see a bigger purpose behind this new friendship. 

Who is she?  She is the 14-year-old daughter of our regular rickshaw driver.

Whenever he picks us up, she insists on coming along. Especially when she has a holiday from school.  I have, on many occasions, readjusted our pickup time to include her on our drives.  Other times, she randomly calls me “just to say HI!”. 

She always looks at me with bright eyes and a smile that goes from ear to ear.  Her joy has really been good for me, especially on my hard days.  She helps me improve my Hindi and has asked me to help her improve her English, since she is in an English-medium school.

I am a business owner, an international author, speaker, and coach and my plate can be quite full some days.  But a ride with her or a visit to her family’s vegetable stand is often a highlight in my day.

So why do I feel the need to share this story?

Because it is all about women empowerment!  A topic very close to my heart.

I know she is only fourteen and is still several years away from being a full-fledged woman. However, the principle of empowering women begins with making and taking opportunities to encourage them while they are still in their teen years.  These early efforts will hopefully help them grow into their potential as women. 

Planting seeds in their stories, sharing lessons, laughing, and talking about the simple things in life will build strength and confidence in their hearts. I know, because I had a few women who did that for me when I was her age.

It brings me great joy to pour out love and acceptance into this young lady.  I have the privilege of being for her what I needed at that age in very informal ways. Even though she is one of four daughters in her family, and seems deeply loved by her parents, like all girls in their teens, she needs other examples of how to live into dreams and goals.

“Be who you needed when you were younger!”  This phrase is as simple as that, especially if you have grown well in your story. This is a phrase and principle that I hold close to my heart. Now that I am well into my 50’s, there will always be people who are still in a season I have crossed through.

Since relocating to India in 2021, I have been blessed with many opportunities of giving back in this way. I have the privilege of being “who I needed” to Indian girls and younger women.  This is very humbling for sure.  I don’t have all the answers, but I know how to listen, encourage, help them to be seen, empower them, and support them in ways that I am all too familiar with from my own childhood.

I may never see these planted seeds grow to maturity, but I do know I need to keep being faithful in any opportunity that comes my way.

My most recent book, “I Am Third: Redeeming the Pain” (published in February 2022 and found on Amazon in USA, Canada, and the UK. I also have printed copies here in India) will be a great asset for your journey to grow and learn how to pour out to others. 

Please email me through the Seema Global Consulting website to connect with me personally for questions, comments or to book me for a speaking event. 


How about you?

What kind of friend are you?

Who in your story needs what you have been blessed with?

What did you need when you were younger?  How did that need get filled?

Who are you being called to empower?


Here’s to planting seeds in the hearts of others as we grow in our friendships!!




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