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Cultural Education and Transformational Coaching

We provide Cultural Education and Transformational Coaching to individuals and organizations so they can experience “Growing Forward Together”!

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We craft workshops to meet the needs of a variety of groups/organizations to reach beyond skin colour and celebrate cultural nuances.


We are passionate about emotional health and want to help individuals achieve wholeness while they work to meet their goals.

International Speaker

Kinita Schripsema is a published author and speaker. Book her for your next event. Several topics are available and customized to your group.

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I am not black

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I am Hagar

by Kinita Kadnar Schripsema

A humorous and honest look at how God shows up in everyday moments. Kinita hopes that by hearing her story, you will be reminded that God sees you, He loves you and you matter to Him.

You are not forgotten.

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Sometimes life gets in the way of work.
In my case...an unexpected surgery got in my way last week.

It didn’t get in the way of my PASSION or derail me from my VISION!!
There will always be times when we are less productive than others so what will we do then?

1. Review your calling.
2. Stay focused on your passion.
3. Clarify the vision.
4. Surround yourself with people who “get you”!
5. Keep learning and growing.
6. Be sure to keep your heart and mind healthy!

What do you do to keep growing forward when an unexpected obstacle gets in your way?

Let’s connect!!

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