Growing Forward Together through Cultural Education


Workshops crafted with our model of Understanding Culture to help individuals incorporate a better understanding of themselves and others in a variety of areas, but not limited to:

  • Understanding Culture
  • Marriage
  • Parenting
  • Leadership Development
  • Women Empowerment

We have worked with individuals, businesses, internationally travelers, HR organizations, religious organizations, volunteers, cross-cultural foster care, and adoptions, engaged and married couples, exchange students, Universities and Colleges, just to name a few.

Short-course and extended version webinars are now available!

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What people are saying…

“Best unconscious bias training I’ve ever taken in my 20 plus year anti-racism journey! As an instructional designer, using evidence based learning practices, I believe your approach is spot on – promotes cross-cultural relationship building and racial reconciliation and doesn’t inadvertently create more racism.”– LM

The discussion of “Hot Climate vs Cold Climate” was worth the price of admission. This really is a great tool for understanding the differences in thinking and perspective between different cultures. Understanding where others are coming from enables me to better navigate conversations and issues with them.

Having worked with Kinita, I can say her insights involving diversity, equity, and inclusion are remarkable. Kinita goes beyond being “dialed in” to current topics revolving around DEI. She offers fresh and global perspectives that impact us all. I would highly recommend Kinita to push your organization to the next level in the DEI realm and in building a stronger company culture.” -Paul Artale, PhD, AS
I appreciated Kinita’s candidness, vulnerability, honesty, frankness, and transparency

…brought to the forefront what we are doing well and making me mindful as to what steps I need to continue to work on

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Seema Global Consulting unique?
We promote inclusion in a way that attains unity and helps individuals get involved in the solution to heal racism (and other isms).

Everyone has a part to play and we believe you have what it takes!!

Why do you do this work?
I want to promote inclusion not division and separation in relationships.

I want to help people grow in awareness of their own cultural bent and how it impacts others around them.

I want people to live into their best selves.

Does your work only address racism?
No, it also addresses other “isms” that we face in this world.

We use a framework that lends itself to a variety of groups that desire acceptance.

What groups do you work with?
Individuals, Married couples, Adoption/Foster care organizations, Churches and other non-profits, HR professionals, University/College students, women’s groups, small groups, etc., Because our framework is so flexible, we craft our workshops to fit the organization we are working with.