Growing Forward Together through…

Cultural Education:

Reaching beyond skin colour and celebrating cultural nuances that unite us. As we grow in cultural awareness and understanding, we learn to become more involved in the solutions rather than escalate the problems. Using a particular model, we craft workshops to meet the needs of a variety of groups/organizations. Some clients we serve are the following (but are not limited to): Church leadership, Cross-Cultural Foster Care / Adoptions, Volunteers, Marriages, Individuals / companies who travel / work internationally, HR organizations.

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She finished her talk by saying ‘You can’t give what you don’t have.’ That last line really stood out to me, and it really made me think about the different leadership roles that I’m currently in. I need to be honest with myself about where I am at mentally, emotionally, and physically. If I can’t be honest with myself, then how can I ask those around me to be honest with me? And how can I be honest in the work that I do if I don’t take care of myself? There are a lot of things that I took away from Kinita’s talk, and I’m working on making changes in my life in order to become a better leader and more authentic in my professional and personal relationships.

The title, “authentic leadership” caught my attention because when we think about leadership, what does it really mean to be “authentic”? This is something that has piqued my interest on this topic. I liked when she explained how we’re all experts in our own story and shared with us three areas we need to work on to be authentic leaders. She asked us to question ourselves, “How are we being different? Unique?”. I liked it because it reminded me of the previous classes/conferences I have been to and they, at some time, talked about “finding our own style”, because everyone is different in their leadership ways. … It was inspirational to hear her say “Are you living authentic? Practice telling yourself the truth”. That hit a nerve as a growing leader. It was refreshing to hear a new perspective on leadership from Kinita. I was challenged to think authentic and I plan on doing so. A new perspective on how God is working in me/my life.

I appreciated Kinita’s candidness, vulnerability, honesty, frankness, and transparency

brought to the forefront what we are doing well and making me mindful as to what steps I need to continue to work on

learned about inherent differences in each of us and how to work toward accepting and owning those in each other.

learned a lot about communicating and understanding background information about my spouse and people in general and learned how to accept, appreciate, and love husband/people for who God made them

learning that what is below the water level is what drives what is above the water level (cultural iceberg)

I learned the importance of understanding that each other’s culture can affect our relationships more than I previously thought. Also, to look inward to myself and start working there.

It was very eye opening and interesting to think about how the people I work with vary depending not on what they may look like or where they come from, but how they respond in a variety of ways based on what they think/feel/live.

I learned a lot about my “true” self, which helped me appreciate the ways that God has made me a little bit more. Thank you!

I am more task than I thought – understanding that my motives for completing tasks to encourage and equip people. Relationships are key – my relationship with God and with others – in accomplishing all God has planned.

It was like listening to a ‘very frank and courageous conversation’. I felt like Kinita was talking about my personal journey and experiences

The discussion of “Hot Climate vs Cold Climate” was worth the price of admission. This really is a great tool for understanding the differences in thinking and perspective between different cultures. Understanding where others are coming from enables me to better navigate conversations and issues with them.