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Ken and Kinita Schripsema

Ken & Kinita Schripsema

Seema Global Consulting

More About Seema Global Consulting

“Seema” is Kinita’s middle name and it means “boundaries”.

The Logo
Peacock Blue: Kinita’s signature colour

Black to Blue: A desire to help people go from darkness to light.

Indian font: Kinita was born in India and wanted to include her Indian heritage to give Indian girls hope that they too can live out their dreams.

Open oval around the name: To show inclusion and a desire for more of us to live in community. It is not a closed circle because we want to extend a “door is always open” policy.

About Seema Global Consulting

Seema Global Consulting LLC is a company that promotes inclusion and desires to encourage, equip and empower individuals and organizations through Cultural Education, Transformational Coaching and Leadership Development so we can individually and collectively grow forward in our efforts to build diverse communities.

Currently we have relationships with national and international individuals and organizations to help enhance their personal and professional platforms so they can live into their true authentic selves.

Seema Global Consulting was birthed out of the work Kinita Schripsema has been doing for the past 12 years independently. Since her opportunities have been expanding, it seemed appropriate to further develop the services we provide.

Ken and Kinita reside in Grand Rapids, MI where they have raised their 4 children and are currently enjoying their empty nest years cultivating their relationship and growing in their respective areas of leadership.

Meet Kinita and Ken

Kinita Schripsema

Kinita Schripsema

Founder and CEO

Kinita was born in India and has lived cross-culturally since the age of 5 between Canada and the U.S.A. Although Kinita has had decades of experience in the small business arena and held many volunteer positions in a variety of organizations, her treasured professional accomplishments are that of being a published author, international speaker, cultural consultant and now Founder/CEO of Seema Global Consulting LLC. She has extensive experience both in the USA and overseas in Leadership and Team Development and Cultural Education.
Ken Schripsema

Ken Schripsema

Director of Operations

Ken Schripsema has been serving in non-profit leadership for almost 30 years. He has extensive experience in Organizational Leadership and Team Development, including serving in Executive Leadership in one organization for the past 8 years. He is a Leadership Coach helping non-profit organizations thrive in their mission to develop healthy leaders. Ken is currently the Director of Operations for Seema Global Consulting LLC.