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Do you like to write, personally or professionally?  Maybe you just like to journal your thoughts and questions that you face in your life.  I journaled casually over the years and then eventually became a published author of I Am Hagar: Forgotten No More.  My daily journaling gave me the confidence to get my thoughts out and eventually encourage others with them.

Since a lack of education and access to technology can leave children and communities in crisis, I chose to invite today’s guest to share with us her experiences and the work she is doing to help alleviate these issues.  Please listen in on this conversation with a guest who uses the art of handwriting to encourage, empower and equip individuals to live their story.

Writing has a way of teaching individuals structure, impact their identity, and celebrate their uniqueness.


Jaishree Chhabrani is the Director at Eminence Arts & Education and the founder of Right to Write, an organization that promotes the art of writing.  She is also a homemaker, fellow author, motivational speaker, podcast host of her own show, graphologist, social worker and globe trotter!

She has written several books in Hindi and in English and has a few more waiting in the wings.


To contact Jaishree:

Website:  www.handwritingwonderart.com

Facebook Page:  Right to WriteHandwriting Wonder Art

Jaishree’s Podcast


As we are approaching the end of 2020, perhaps taking some time to journal your thoughts about the year will help you process them and not take them into 2021.  I encourage you to do so and perhaps even share them with a friend or contact me and we can chat!  I think we can agree, it has been quite a year!


Since this is my last blog of 2020, I write these words to you:

“Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  May you experience true peace this season and well into the New Year. Here’s to ending the year as our best selves and discovering more in 2021!!

Thank you for reading my blogs and listening to my podcasts. If you haven’t already done so, please be sure and download Growing Forward Together on your favourite platform.  We have some amazing topics coming in the new year!!”


Here’s to Growing Forward Together as we learn to write our own stories in the years to come!!