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Life is full of learning, eh?

Season 2 of hosting my own podcast “Growing Forward Together” as of right now and I started blogging almost 8 years ago.  I have really enjoyed learning from other people on how to better my craft.  Whether it is directly from individuals who have more expertise than me or from trial and error on my part! I still need to keep learning but for now, all is well.  Over the years I have had several people ask me “how to blog”/ “where to start” etc., Since it was important for me to help them, I shared with them what I was doing and encouraged them to put their personal touches into their own work.  Unfortunately, I may have also passed on some mistakes, so I apologize publicly for that.

My guest today is Rana Shahbaz who hails from London, England.  A fellow lifelong learner and blogger.  During one of our Zoom conversations, he taught me something new about blogging.  It was a simple lesson really, but I appreciated the ease in which he taught and the lack of judgment and criticism of the work I was already doing. He didn’t know it, but he was actually graciously correcting me in an area I thought only I was aware of!!


This inspired me to connect him to others.  Rana considers himself a Blogging Evangelist and really knows his stuff, so I thought, “why not?”.

The central question I explore through my work is, “How inspiration and lifelong learning can help us achieve amazing things in life?”

Please listen in on the conversation we had and if you are like me, you might learn something new again!!


Current projects and how you can connect with Rana himself to join you on your journey of blogging!!

  1. WP Minds WP Support Desk  are my projects.
  2.   How to Start a Blog – A Proven Guide to Start a Successful Blog 
  3.   https://ranashahbaz.com/


Here’s to Growing Forward Together as we continue to learn and be inspired by people and the stories around us!