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If you have been listening to my podcast, you know by now that March is “Women in History” month and I decided that instead of talking about famous women who are in textbooks and articles all over the world, I would encourage my guests to talk about the women in their history!!  I believe that ALL our narratives matter and it is important for us to take opportunities to let them shine!!


In my own personal story, there were many women ranging from immediate family to teachers at school to female leaders in my faith community that impressed on my heart the desire to keep growing into my authentic self while many others taught me “what not to do”!!  A few years ago, I discovered some strong correlations about my personality and passions that linked me directly to my maternal grandmother.   That’s important for me because she passed away when I was about three years old.

I give a special shout out to two special women in my childhood that allowed me to feel safe, learn and grow into the woman I am today by the way they lived their story.  You will have listen to the podcast to find out who they are! 🙂


Our focus today is to remember that our stories don’t take place in a vacuum although they are uniquely ours. We need to learn to “Run the Race Set Before Us”  and while we appreciate the women who were “in it” with us.  We all have people that have spoken into our lives with encouragement, challenge and redirection for our journeys.  In this episode, my guest and I share personal stories and connections that we hope others will be empowered and encouraged by.


Someday, all of us will be women  who are in someone else’s history.  How will you change how you live so you too can empower others to live into their authentic and best selves?  This applies to men as well, but perhaps in different ways!!


Kym Dantuma Matthews

My guest today is Personal Trainer and Health Coach, Kym Dantuma Matthews.  Kym and I met during a networking event in 2020 and have been inspiring each other ever since.  She is passionate about helping people achieve lifelong, sustainable fitness. Assisting them in balancing work, friends, family and health.

Kym is a competitive athlete, who at the age of 55 still finishes in the top 6-10% of the field.  Her energy and passion for life and growth is infectious.  Her ability to be vulnerable and strong is admirable, to say the least, and I have been blessed by her support and encouragement as someone who is also passionate about being strong and vulnerable.


Contact Info for Kym:

WEBSITE:  kymmatthews.com

BLOG:  FindKymPossible

FACEBOOK:  https://www.facebook.com/Kymmatthewsfitness

INSTAGRAM:  https://www.instagram.com/kymmatthewsfitness/

EMAIL: Kym.fusefitness@gmail.com


Here’s to Growing Forward Together as we each “Run the Race Set Before Us” and make room for others.