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March is “Women in History” month and I decided that instead of talking about famous women who are in textbooks and articles all over the world, I would encourage my guests to talk about the women in their history!!  I believe that ALL our narratives matter and it is important for us to take opportunities to let them shine!!


In my own personal story, there were many women, from immediate family to teachers at school to female leaders in my faith community that impressed on my heart the desire to keep growing into my authentic self.  A few years ago, I discovered some strong correlations about my personality and passions that linked me directly to my maternal grandmother.   That’s important for me because she passed away when I was about three years old.  All-the-while, there many others who taught me “what not to do”!!


My guest today is Rowena Phillips of Dominion Phillips Consultancy based in Nagpur, India.  She is a fellow Indian, licensed therapist, consultant, and coach.  But my favourite detail is that she is a professional woman who grew up in India during a time when girls weren’t valued as a vital part of society.  As we achieve our goals as Indian women, we have the privilege of investing in the history for other young Indian girls and women.


Rowena Phillips

Rowena had some great tips during our interview:

… Never give up!

…Take care of yourself!

…Surround yourself with people who believe in you are!


Just a few of the encouragements she shared for those who are entrepreneurs, both male and female, and others who want to grow forward in their journey!



Contact Info for Rowena: 

Website:  www.dominionphillips.com

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/coachrowena

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/rowena-ajay-phillips-051ab218


Here’s to Growing Forward Together as we remember to pour out to those in our story in ways that they will be encouraged in their journey and remember us in their history.