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March is “Women in History” month, so I decided to put a twist on it and instead of talking about famous women who are in textbooks and articles all over the world, I decided to encourage my guests to talk about the women in their history!!  I believe that ALL our narratives matter and it is important for us to take opportunities to let them shine!!


In my own personal story, there were many women ranging from immediate family to teachers at school to female leaders in my faith community that impressed on my heart the desire to keep growing into my authentic self while many others taught me “what not to do”!!  A few years ago, I discovered some strong correlations about my personality and passions that linked me directly to my maternal grandmother.   That’s important for me because she passed away when I was about three years old.


Dinorah Hiler


Dinorah Hiler is Primerica’s Regional Vice President in West Michigan, a Cuban immigrant, mother of four, a friend and a dynamic influencer who has focused her life on creating the American dream.  Her passion to help others realize their own personal success comes from her own story and history in this country.

Dinorah comes from a line of strong entrepreneurial women who spoke life into her story and gave her experiences that would help her also leave a legacy for the next generation.



This engaging conversation will empower, encourage you and equip you to be a dynamic influencer in your industry.  Who knows, you might become a woman in someone else’s history!!


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Here’s to Growing Forward Together as we remember women in OUR history!!