Understanding Culture: Faith & Culture with Jasneet Kaur

by | Apr 19, 2021 | Podcast

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[NOTE:  Season 2 is wrapping up with this episode! We have come so far, and we want to thank you for being part of our growth!!  We will be taking a break before we roll out Season 3, so watch for the “new and improved” GFT episodes in the coming months!!  ALSO, we are looking for some new and fresh ideas, so please write to us through our Contact Page with your thoughts.  Who knows, maybe you will be invited to be a guest on GFT some time!!]


This is the third and final episode in this series titled “Faith & Culture”.  A topic that has stretched me beyond belief (pun intended). Faith is so important to many of us and we live it out so differently based on our respective religions.  That might be the key word for this process of understanding culture, “respect“.


We can show respect to another person’s religion by learning about it and have conversations that give deeper clarity.  Especially if you have people in your life from other faith backgrounds, it shows that you aren’t only embracing diversity but in fact practicing inclusion.  Having said that, it doesn’t mean you have to participate in their religious practices, but it does show that you have a heart to learn and embrace differences.  This will also give the full picture of who they are.  In my line of work, we call that “lowering the line on the cultural iceberg”.  Let’s connect if you want to learn more about that.


The older I get, the more intrigued I am about the Indian culture.  Not just because I am an Indian (aka: South Asian) but because I want to understand my roots better and be sure to pass on to my children and those around me, deeper truths and understanding about this diverse culture…my diverse culture.  The Hindu and Sikh religions intrigue me because they are followed by some of my friends and also because they are quite common in India. My observations continue to show me how their principles are deeply rooted in the Indian culture.  I figured doing an interview on Growing Forward Together with someone who follows those religions would be a good way to learn more and share it with my community!!



Jasneet Kaur


My guest today is Jasneet, or “Jessie” as she sometimes likes to be called.  Jasneet is a wife and mother, a native of New Delhi, India, and immigrated to the USA in the late 90’s.  Jasneet is a Sikh and is married to a Hindu man and together they have a beautiful teenage American daughter.  They have lots of culture in their story and a great appreciation for each others religious beliefs as they navigate their inter-faith marriage.

Here  is a link to learn more about the differences between the Hindu and Sikh religions.




Although the Hindu and Sikh religions have different worship models to follow, they both have Yoga and Meditation as spiritual disciplines in their belief system.  Both religions also have in common a high respect for works and service and the desire to make sure their fellow citizens are properly cared for.  As someone who is passionate about those in marginalized communities, it definitely gave me pause to consider what I could do differently with my gifts, talents and strengths in my community as I grow forward in my journey!!


Since our mutual friend Sandeep Dhami connected us, I thought I would say thank you by sharing a link to the high quality Indian restaurant her and her husband own and run here in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Palace of India



I learned a lot and made some great connections that might interest you.  So be sure and listen to the interview!!


Here’s to Growing Forward Together as we learn form one another!! 




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