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Over the past several months as this world has been wading through a pandemic, clearly of global proportions, I, as an international speaker and author, have been asked many times what I am doing to innovate? What am I doing to find work? It’s been tricky and required a lot of surrender, creativity and learning.  Lots of learning!!

One of the major things I have learned is how to “keep the dialogue going”.  I am passionate about a lot of topics from culture and diversity, marriage and parenting, employee relations and leadership development, and several others, so to “keep the conversations going”, on and offline, is crucial since they enhance creativity and keep people engaged.

As I continue to meet amazing people in my line of work, I thought I would ask a fellow author and speaker to shed light on his journey as a speaker…with a specific focus on his work around disability.

I am excited about this interview with Paul Artale, PhD, AS because he helps us keep the dialogue of “The Culture of Disability” alive and moving forward.  Paul is a work-life motivational speaker www.paulartale.com and the author of  “The 2 Year Old’s Guide to Work-Life Balance.”.

Paul does a great job telling an inspirational story about overcoming disability and you can find it by clicking here

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Here’s to Growing Forward Together as we continue to dialogue in our own communities!!