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Hey friends, it’s OFFICIAL, my second book titled, “I Am Third: Redeeming the Pain” (A Journey through Parenting and Adoption), has ARRIVED and is NOW finally available for YOU to purchase on Amazon (in over 11 countries), and ONLINE at Barnes & Noble and Walmart!



As an international author and speaker, I have been writing this book for the past five years in between running Seema Global Consulting and adjusting to other major life events that included a relocation to India from the USA.

The material and experiences I share about, span our 25-year parenting journey and almost 30-year marriage relationship bringing us to a place where we could share our story through the lens of our multiracial, multiethnic, and multicultural marriage and family.

Writing this book was truly a labour of love and how appropriate that it is released in the month that holds Valentine’s Day too!!



Cover. The back has messages of blessing from our four children!

I chose the title, “I Am Third: Redeeming the Pain” because I am a third child in my family, and I am the “third” parent in our adopted daughter’s story.

Over the years, it has become very clear to me that this journey of parenting children from my womb and another one through adoption has been a process by which much of my childhood pain was redeemed in my story amidst many other life lessons.

Our marriage and parenting journey revealed there was so much to acknowledge, relinquish and receive, all of it allowing me to heal in deep places.

Let me be clear that I didn’t have children so I could heal.  Our children became the healing I wasn’t aware I needed.


Here is an excerpt from Ken’s message in the Preface of my book: Looking in the rearview mirror is always a good opportunity to reflect on where we’ve been and what brought us to where we are today.  This book is a look in the rearview mirror and is an opportunity to share with you, the reader, what has been learned from hard work, successes, and failures.”


Through our brokenness came beauty and I hope I was able to capture it in a way that propels you to grow forward in your story as well and seek the hope and healing you might desire.


I wrote this book for you…and for me.




Ken Schripsema: my husband, life partner, initial editor before I turned in the manuscript and the collector of the many emotions I had while writing this book! For the many times you reminded me of my calling as a parent, my calling to write the book and for the many times you prayed over me so I could keep going.


Caleb, Josh, Seth, and Victorianna for your forgiveness, love, patience, encouragement, support, understanding and prayers for this project and more importantly, THANK YOU for allowing me the freedom to BE ME and express my heart through this vulnerable and raw process.


Publisher:  Tim Beals from Credo Communications

Family Picture on back of book:  Deb Sardar

Cover & Release Video:  Swapnil Shinde from SquareFix Media

Initial Promo Video: Jerry Vreeman

Printer in India: Ankit Nangia from Dattsons Publishers & Distributors


For more information, availability for speaking opportunities, or any questions you might have please feel free to contact me:

Email: info@seemaglobalconsulting.com

Website: Seema Global Consulting


Here’s to Growing Forward Together!!





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