Seema Global Consulting partners with Influential Society and Udhhar MultiPurpose Society to bring COVID-19 aid to Ragpickers Community

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Relocating to a new country has been quite the rewarding adventure!!  Unfortunately, it has also taken me away from my blogging responsibilities!

So now, we are back on track and ready to share with YOU more of what we are up to.  Building communities, encouraging, empowering and equipping individuals and growing forward together!!  Thank you to all who have stayed in communication with us throughout our transition.

We look forward to continuing our service to you in the USA, India and globally!!

Recently, Seema Global Consulting LLC  had the privilege of partnering with Influential Society and Udhhar Multipurpose Society to provide masks to the Ragpickers community in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India.

As India is facing their third wave, if you or your organization is interested in partnering with us to serve the underserved, please Contact us through our website!!


Below is the complete PRESS RELEASE that was distributed.



Influential Society Provides COVID-19 Aid to Ragpickers Community in India


The Ragpickers Community are some of the poorest and most marginalized people in India. Estimated between 1.5 million and 4 million, these Indian residents sustain themselves by collecting, sorting, segregating, and trading waste. COVID-19 and the consequences brought about by the lockdowns have hit this community so hard that getting food to eat, let alone face masks to protect themselves from COVID-19 is a challenge. Influential Society, Udhhar Multipurpose Society, and Seema Global Consulting joined hands to deliver quality face masks to the ragpickers community, which contributed to the reduction in the daily COVID-19 cases in India

Nagpur, Maharashtra, India, August 19, 2021 – The Ragpickers Community in India received timely help when it was most needed. The community is among the poorest and most marginalized people in India, who have been hit hardest by the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19). Ragpickers sustain themselves by collecting, sorting, segregating, and trading waste. By doing so, they help to clean up a significant portion of the 62 million tonnes of waste that is generated annually in India. COVID-19 and its associated lockdowns have disproportionately affected this community and made providing for their families even more of a challenge, making face masks an additional burden to protect themselves from the pandemic.

As of August 16th, 2021, the overall confirmed cases of COVID-19 in India stood at 32,225,175, including 33,221 new cases reported in the past 24 hours and 431,674 total deaths. India has posted some of the highest COVID-19 daily-confirmed cases in the world and they are now bracing for a third wave.

Influential Society, a growing e-commerce company, has been supplying high-quality face masks to American buyers during the peak of the pandemic. “Our face masks are 100% cotton, diamond-stitched for durability, and can be hand-washed for daily reuse. We are aware of the lack of resources for the ragpickers community, and we wanted to give them access to face masks that are reusable, durable, and will last for them for years,” says Nataree Leelapatree, CEO of Influential Society. “The face masks not only aid in their fight against COVID-19, but also helps to protect against a localized public health issue, Mucormycosis, which is another dangerous disease,” says Mr. Vaibhav Moon, Executive Director at Udhhar Multipurpose Society.

Moon reckons that the number of people that have succumbed to COVID-19 in India could be more than those provided by the government because of cases that occur in the rural and tribal areas that do not get captured in the official statistics. Udhhar Multipurpose Society has been providing support to marginalized people and groups in India, particularly those who are in socio-economic crises. The organization explores the root causes of the crises that the beneficiaries of its programs grapple with, and conscientiously plan and design appropriate interventions to create positive long-term impacts for them and their associated communities.


Seema Global Consulting was aware of the need of the ragpickers community and introduced Udhhar Multipurpose Society to Influential Society, which established a unique 3-way partnership that helped to deliver quality face masks to the ragpickers community.

Influential Society donated the face masks that were distributed to Umri Village, which is located about 175 kilometers from Nagpur City, as well as in other rural areas of Nagpur City. This was achieved with logistical support from Mr. Vaibhav Moon of Udhhar Multipurpose Society. “Special thanks to Ms. Nataree Leelapatree from Influential Society, Ms. Kinita Schripsema, and Mr. Ken Schripsema from Seema Global Consulting for joining hands in our endeavours to fight COVID-19,” says Mr. Moon.

About Influential Society
Influential Society, LLC (http://www.influential.so) is an e-commerce and brand development company that manages the value of its growing portfolio of direct-to-consumer offerings.

About Udhhar Multipurpose Society
Udhhar Multipurpose Society (http://www.udhhar.org) is a registered social organization that was founded in 2009, and was registered under the Societies Act, Laws of India, in the year 2010. The organization works closely with the government of India, including the country’s police in all its interventions. It envisions bringing transformation among different unreached people and groups through sustainability.

About Seema Global Consulting
Seema Global Consulting, LLC (http://www.seemaglobalconsulting.com) is a U.S.-based company and a branch in Nagpur, India. They promote inclusion and desire to encourage, equip, and empower individuals and organizations through Cultural Education, Transformational Coaching, and Leadership Development to deliver individual and collective growth in the efforts to build diverse communities.


Here’s to Growing Forward Together  as we show the world we are IN THIS TOGETHER!!


Kinita Seema Schripsema

Founder / CEO of Seema Global Consulting LLC

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