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(NOTE:  please accept our apology because we had some internet issues along the way which slightly affected the sound quality of our dialogue)


As a Transformational Coach, I encourage my clients to live into their strengths, and often times, they don’t know what they really are.  They might say, “I am friendly, compassionate, encouraging etc.,” and although those are important strengths to have, those aren’t the strengths we are talking about.  As part of our contract, I have every client take The Clifton Strengths Assessment and help them understand better how to live into their authentic selves.


According to The Clifton Strengths Assessment, there are thirty-four strengths and themes that deeply affect our personal and professional lives. When we encourage each other to “live into your strengths” it is imperative to know what they are and how to manage them.  Many of the thirty-four strengths also encompass the qualities of being friendly, compassionate, and encouraging.


The Clifton Strengths Assessment was a life saver and game changer for me in my journey to wholeness.


Several years ago, I realized (through a series of events and situations) that I had “toxic strength”.  You see, I was doing some deep personal work on my anger issues and the social pain I was experiencing.  I realized that much of my anger and pain was attributed to not being able to live into my strengths.  The problem was, although I had many strengths, because I didn’t know how to navigate and manage them, they not only were delivered improperly, but also weren’t received well.


My husband suggested I investigate “The Strength Finders 2.0 Assessment”, now called “The Clifton Strength’s Assessment.  This resource helped me not only identify my strengths but explained how to manage them to impact my story in healthier and more effective ways.  For me that was a game changer for sure. I found freedom and peace in living into my authentic self while I learned how to give others my best self!!


Katy Kloosterman


My guest today is Katy Kloosterman.  She is a dear friend, fellow coach and consultant, and most importantly for today’s discussion, a Certified Clifton Strengths Coach.

We really enjoyed our dialogue and by the end were already implementing our Activator and Connector Strengths for a future webinar together.

Let us know if you are interested in that!!



Reflection Questions:

What are your strengths?

What do others say your strengths are?

How does knowing and understanding your strengths impact your story? Let’s connect!!



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Here’s to Growing Forward Together and living into our strengths!!