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The Indian culture is one of beauty, diversity, depth, and struggle.  One of the many struggles amidst the beauty and depth is “singleness”.  Now I know that every culture in the world struggles with singleness but in the Indian culture there are messages that are deeply rooted in the culture.  Messages of shame, disappointment, and rejection of great proportions.

I chose this topic not just because I am Indian myself but because I could have been one of those girls who never got married, had I believed the messages spoken over me.  I also chose this topic in support of the countless young girls I have mentored over the years, many of whom are Indian, so I want to give them HOPE.  Not that marriage is the end-all-be-all, but perhaps they can learn from the experiences of our guest while waiting.  Young men, listen up, you might also be able to apply some of her methods.

When our stories intersected, we discovered we are the same age, born in the same country but have vastly different upbringings and yet we are both passionate about passing the baton to younger women and the youth of our day, so they too can experience health and freedom in their stories.

Krupa (Shinde) Covert is a Senior Corporate Relations Officer at MAP’s International.  MAP stands for Medical Assistance Program.  She grew up and was educated in India where she received her master’s degree and has not only worked in a variety of Pharmaceutical companies in the USA, but she also has extensive experience with HIV/AIDS education for girls and women in over 30 slum communities.

Take a listen…hope you enjoy it as much as we did because it was as natural as two sisters enjoying a conversation from the heart over a cup of Chai.


NOTE: This podcast is a little longer than most of my other ones, but the journey of singleness can be a long one for many.  Since Krupa had many good things to say, I didn’t want to edit out any parts of our interview.

In the interview, Krupa spoke about a scholarship fund, Laxman Shinde Scholarship Fund (LSSF), please reach out to her directly for more information.


Email – krupashinde@gmail.com

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Here’s to Growing Forward Together as we empower, equip and encourage each other!!