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If you are able to read this and are engaging in the workforce, or society in general, you may have heard (and maybe experienced) that much of the leadership in a variety of organizations has been by men.  Although the desire has been around for several decades, there has been an increase in the past decade or so, for a more vocal and significant push to change that and bring about that change through equity and equality initiatives.

I, as a woman in leadership and business have had little to no obvious push back in the roles that I live into.  However, mass majority of women have so it is really imperative that we don’t live into individual narratives when it comes to these kinds of issues.  Along the way, I have learned to assimilate as long as it doesn’t take anything away from my core beliefs and character.  In my opinion, I think being a woman in business and leadership takes a lot of surrender, learning, resilience, compassion, understanding, mental / emotional strength and health.  Maybe you can add your own lessons to the list!

I think one of the best ways to develop as a woman in business who holds a variety of leadership positions, is to surround myself with allies.  People who “get it” and want to keep fanning my flame/passion/commitment/efforts and strategies.

Several months ago, I found such a person.  David Rowell, a parity consultant, author, coach, trainer and social justice champion and a deeply passionate ally for gender equity.  We met during our participation on a panel for the “Systemic Diversity and Inclusion Group” led by Dr. Joseph Nwoye, Ed.D.  https://www.systemicdiversityeducation.org/

You could say “David wrote the book on it”! 😊  https://www.amazon.com/Value-Voice-Solutions-Organizational-Balance/

Although I really enjoyed our dialogue, I really appreciated how David gave pointers on how others can be effective allies as well.  He does a great job of empowering, equipping and encouraging us to keep growing forward together!!

Email: david@parityconsultant.com

Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-rowell-6917a719/

Website: http://parityconsultant.com/

Book: Value and Voice – Solutions to Organizational Gender Balance (Https://geni.us/ValueWebinar)

Here’s to Growing Forward Together as you do your part in being an ally for gender equity!!