Okechuku Kelechi Enyia

As a leader and entrepreneur, every good leader must keep learning and innovating.  So I have decided to interview people who have either responded to my blogs/podcasts and have some intriguing perspectives to add to the subject, or other amazing individuals I have met along the way in building Seema Global Consulting and I want to share them with YOU!!  If you are interested in being a guest on my podcast https://anchor.fm/kinita-schripsema (also available on Apple Podcast, Spotify and Stitcher), please contact me at this link. https://seemaglobalconsulting.com/contact/

As my first guest, I had the privilege of interviewing Okey K Enyia, Founder / CEO of Enyia Strategies LLC .  Given the turmoil filled season that our country and world is going through, I feel like this interview was not only a divine appointment in the making but was crafted for such a time as this!  Okey and I met during an online panel discussion we both attended.  Since we both have a heart for being mindful about “setting the table” as it relates to culture and relationships, we connected about the blog/podcast titled “Setting the Table” https://seemaglobalconsulting.com/setting-the-table/

Okey is a conscious Black Male in America born to immigrant Nigerian parents and the oldest of 6 children.  His story began in the southeast side of Chicago, IL and now he is currently works for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on Capitol Hill in the Washington, D.C. area.  He is also an author of the book “Indisputable: The Story of a Favored Son” https://enyiastrategies.com/book/.  Please visit his website at https://enyiastrategies.com/  to learn more about him and his work.   Although he has an extensive bio, I was impressed by his humility and gracious demeanor in our budding friendship and the interview. I hope you enjoy “meeting” him as much as I did!!

Listen: https://anchor.fm/kinita-schripsema/episodes/For-Such-a-Time-as-This-Interview-with-Okey-K–Enyia-eeuoa3

Resources mentioned in the podcast:  https://courses.enyiastrategies.com/

Thank you for joining us!  Here’s to Growing Forward Together!!

Blessings,  Kinita