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As a business owner and self-defined entrepreneur, I love meeting others who see their dreams and ideas come to fruition. My guest today is just that kind of person!!  One of the things I love about being an entrepreneur is that it not only challenges me to think outside the box, but it also helps me leave a different kind of legacy to those coming behind me.

As a native of India and a mother to three grown sons, not only did I take every opportunity to help them discover their dreams but also live passionately to encourage, empower, and equip other young girls and women to dream big and to keep taking steps forward, no matter how big or small those steps are.

In my opinion, failing only means I am on a steep learning curve.  I have heard it said, “FAIL” stands for “First Attempt In Learning”.   As an entrepreneur, I am often “failing” according to the world, but in reality, I am on my own learning curve!!


DivanToday’s guest, Divan Gamaliel, is a fellow Indian, entrepreneur and business owner who has a passion to see others grow and develop their skills and at the same time implement strategies to allow greater access and affordability as key factors!!  As a thought leader, innovator and a human, with kindness and care, Divan has managed more than 1000 resources globally so not only understands the challenges faced during hiring but hopes that his company,  Zaphire, is a solution to them all.

Divan describes himself as a fanatic for fairness and refuses to allow people to be unfairly treated.  He openly shares how he has faced bias and discrimination as a job seeker, which he wants to eliminate in the marketplace and level the playing field.


He has a NEW and unique idea brewing on how to help others grow forward in their professional lives and the launch is scheduled to make its debut on November 9th!!

Zaphire is a Trusted Partner to Seema Global Consulting so I am thrilled to be one of several professionals that have been part of Divan’s pilot project to get this dream off the ground!!

Mark your calendars and get in touch with him so you too can get on board with this great initiative of the Zaphire Live App

How to reach Divan:   

Website:  www.zaphire.com

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/divangamaliel/

Direct email:  divan@zaphire.com


Hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did!!

Here’s to Growing Forward Together as we keep dreaming and thinking outside the box!!