Five Ways to Maintain Healthy Relationships and Reduce Stress During Difficult Conversations

by | May 7, 2021 | General

Laura Cicholski from Successful Recruiters LLC is a friend and business colleague.  Her company is in the business of recruiting health care providers for a variety of positions and she is also passionate about helping individuals thrive and stay healthy while they serve the people in their communities.  Earlier in 2021, Laura and her team developed a podcast series to encourage health care providers during this pandemic and for their continued journey in the field of healthcare.  You can find my interview at Stress Relief Series where I discuss the impact of culture on stress.


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As a result of my interview and the interviews of 25+ other professionals, Laura suggested we do a webinar style podcast that would help individuals reduce their stress when discussing difficult topics or just having difficult conversations. 

Although there are many resources out there that help conquer the challenges that arise in difficult conversations, I share five tips (plus a bonus one) that I generally implement.  To help you go the distance in your relationships, I weave them through a diversity and inclusion lens.



You may not agree with my approach in some areas, but I encourage you to try to apply the concepts in ways that they fit into your story.  I present the information from my narrative and experience and don’t expect everyone to believe or respond the exact way I would.  These tips are ways to help you implement new ways of thinking so you can get different results in your difficult conversations and reduce the stress you might be experiencing.  In some cases, you might even experience better results.  [see LINK below]


During challenging conversations…

  • Individuals learn to communicate in a healthy way.
  • Understand the difference between “kindness” and “being nice” in ways that can promote healthy relationships at work, home and in life.
  • The need to embrace Acceptance over Tolerance because it allows the person to feel valued.
  • This simple shift in mindset and other little changes can make all the difference in the world for you and the other person.
  • I encourage and empower you with tips to practice inclusion in a way that will enhance belonging.


“Five Things to Maintain Healthy Relationships and Reduce Stress When Discussing Difficult Conversations”


Free Downloads to help on your journey of inclusion



What are some things you learned because of the webinar?

What changes are you willing to make so you are more unified in your relationships?

What area(s) do you find challenging to change or modify in your efforts to engage in difficult conversations?



I would love to get your feedback on this work so I too can learn from you with what works in your story!  Please  contact us so we can begin the dialogue…even if it is a difficult conversation for you.  I’m here…I’m listening!!



Here’s to Growing Forward Together as we learn to reduce stress during difficult conversations.




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