Trusted Partners

Our trusted parters are individuals, businesses or organizations who have similar values and goals, to further our respective areas of work.

If you would like to be a Trusted Partner, please contact us to begin the conversation.  Our expectations is to share links to each other’s businesses on websites and/or social media pages.

Dominion Phillips Consultancy

Rowena Phillips is the Director of Training & Psychological Consulting of Dominion Phillips Consultancy in Nagpur, India. She is a consulting psychologist and the principal trainer. In her 22 year career her role has been to manage the human resource, operations, training & psychological consulting for Dominion Phillips. She specializes in the area of Productivity and Performance Management, Leadership/Faculty Development, Communication Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Psychological Consulting and Executive Coaching.

Transforming the unreached with sustainability

Mr. Vaibhav Moon is the Chief Visionary and Executive Director of UDHHAR. He has a MBA and is an Expert in Child Development, Community Development, Planning Interventions and Programs.