Marriage Workshops

brought to the forefront what we are doing well and making me mindful as to what steps I need to continue to work on

learned about inherent differences in each of us and how to work toward accepting and owning those in each other.

learned a lot about communicating and understanding background information about my spouse and people in general and learned how to accept, appreciate, and love husband/people for who God made them

learning that what is below the water level is what drives what is above the water level (cultural iceberg)

I learned the importance of understanding that each other’s culture can affect our relationships more than I previously thought. Also, to look inward to myself and start working there.

Church/Staff Workshops

It was very eye opening and interesting to think about how the people I work with vary depending not on what they may look like or where they come from, but how they respond in a variety of ways based on what they think/feel/live.

I learned a lot about my “true” self, which helped me appreciate the ways that God has made me a little bit more. Thank you!

It helped me understand my story better…and I think it will help influence and frame the way I connect with people of other cultural backgrounds. It also reminded me that it’s about wayyyyy more than skin color. Something I’ve known but had lost sight of. It’s easy to lump all of our differences under one umbrella and forget that they come from specific experiences that develop us internally, not defined by what is on the outside.

I am more task than I thought – understanding that my motives for completing tasks to encourage and equip people. Relationships are key – my relationship with God and with others – in accomplishing all God has planned.

It was like listening to a ‘very frank and courageous conversation’. I felt like Kinita was talking about my personal journey and experiences

The discussion of “Hot Climate vs Cold Climate” was worth the price of admission. This really is a great tool for understanding the differences in thinking and perspective between different cultures. Understanding where others are coming from enables me to better navigate conversations and issues with them.

I realized how much I have yet to learn about understanding culture. It simultaneously affirmed and confused me about where I naturally sit versus where I have been coached to live. In other words, I love that it makes me want to keep digging to find out where I sit without the pressure of the organization I work for directing me.

I appreciated Kinita’s candidness, vulnerability, honesty, frankness, and transparency

Life Coaching / Spiritual Direction

There are people we come across that touch our lives at certain points in our journey. They put everything to the side to make sure our lives are better. Kinita Schripsema, is one of those people that I had the opportunity to work with for 3 months. She has a definite ability to connect with people and puts an effort at meeting people where they are at. She was instrumental in helping me identify and build on my strengths. With her support, I learned how to target areas that allow for greater personal and spiritual growth. She taught me how to look at past experiences differently than I did before, pointing things out that I probably would have never thought existed. She gave me some life-long tools to sustain my personal progress and spiritual stability. I’m truly grateful for her indispensable role in helping me achieve my goals. –Female, age 40

For the last several years I’ve been stuck. Stuck in life, stuck in relationships, stuck in emotional baggage. I’m a person who does not like to be stuck. I want to be a better person today than I was yesterday. I’m a firm believer that you should be working at growing until your heart stops beating for the final time. Kinita and I crossed paths because we have lived a very similar story of adoption and cultural appreciation. God started this connection, over something wonderful yet amidst painful circumstances. Which is what was needed to get me to finally say yes!

Being challenged and growing is never easy. Sometimes, growth is like a baseball bat directly to your shins. Kinita and I have been working together for about 6 months now. By sitting with her and talking, there is no question that the Holy Spirit is present and working in and through her.
While the conversations are not filled with unicorns and sparkles, she brings a depth of questions that make me think deeper. This is not for the faint of heart.
It’s not easy, but I want to deeply understand WHO I am in CHRIST and where my full worth comes from which is simply JESUS.
While I want to move miles in between meetings, the reality is I move millimeters. I have even moved backwards a couple times. Do I sit in great anticipation like Christmas morning about our meetings? No. They’re not fun because growth is hard.
But I will say, every time I leave, I feel empowered and encouraged that I CAN do this….  And WANT to do this. So yes, real, deep growth feels like a baseball bat to the shins, but with Kinita, she brings baseball bats wrapped with extra-large fluffy pillows. Growth is painful but the love she has for people to understand WHOS they are and their own worth, matched with her undeniable connection and desire to hear the Holy Spirit is how you know its God speaking through her and you’re going to be ok. –Female, age 49

I’m not one to easily open up to people, but Kinita has proven herself to be trustworthy. She hears the hard things with grace and matches the grace with tough love. Over the past 5 years, I’ve grown in my faith and in my personal life with her encouragement and straight talk. –Female, age 32

Kinita offers passion and a level of accountability I have yet to see matched!
The spiritual direction and mentorship I receive [though Seema Ministries/from Kinita] is meaningful and effective; it is clearly coming from a guide who not only assesses where I am on my spiritual journey, but who also is on a path of continual growth herself and desires to grow ever deeper in her own relationship with Christ.
Kinita places a high value on honesty, both in terms of what is spoken and in what is lived out.  She provides a safe and confidential space to process openly and practice honesty.
It’s important to me that any leader practice what they preach, and Kinita is absolutely doing that! –Female, age 34