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This is the first in a four-part series on Models of Sustainability.  Since models are impacted by the location they are in, I decided to embark on a four-part series on the subject.  These episodes will cover and address best practices in Local, National (USA), International and Global contexts.  So be sure to join us for the future posts that will explore those areas and reveal some common elements among them all.

Sustainability is defined as something that is maintained at a certain rate or level.  In essence, it is a way in which a system or process can outlive, outrun, and outlast the people who built it.  In order for that to happen we need healthy systems and structures in place to help the process.  You’ve heard the phrase, “don’t give a man a fish, teach him how to fish” (paraphrased), well, sustainability is setting up a system that will teach someone not only how to survive, but to thrive.  Individuals are encouraged, empowered, equipped to go the distance.

My local guest today is Nate Beene, a Grand Rapids, Michigan native who is engaged in social enterprise and community development here.  He is the Owner/Operator of Building Bridges Professional Services and Rising Grinds Café that are both part of the Grand Rapids Center for Community Transformation.  While Nate is a visionary and driver of results through leadership development, he is also a key stakeholder for engagement and new business development.

In the work that Nate is passionate about, he is mainly focused on obtaining replicable change and loves to collaborate on solutions.  His approach shows us that “it takes a village” even in business!  As I recorded for this series, I learned so much about sustainability, so I hope you do too.


Feel free to get in touch with Nate for any questions about the interview or how you might get involved in this work of sustainability in Grand Rapids.

Contact Info:

Email:  nbeene@buildingbridgesgr.com

Websiteswww.buildingbridgesgr.com and grcct.com


Here’s to Growing Forward Together with you…

to achieve sustainability in the communities we live in!!