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Financial stress is one of the major stressors in our world today and during expected and unexpected transitions, it can be even more difficult.  Even though there were record lows of unemployment (in the USA) even before the pandemic, this pandemic has certainly impacted the financial health of many people across the globe.


Are you someone that can relate?


I want to encourage you to keep in mind that our financial situations can be impacted positively and negatively based on whether we made the decision intentionally to restructure finances or challenges came out of the blue.


What are you experiencing in your financial journey?


As a coach, I am passionate about helping people live into their best selves and a phrase I often use is, “if we want different results, we need to make different choices”.  A concept I have in common with today’s guest.


Since our company, Seema Global Consulting, can do all our work online, we have decided to relocate to India. As a result, we have experienced a great impact on our finances, both negative and positive. We are realizing, first hand, that we need to make different choices in this transition, in order to navigate the blessings and the challenges in a healthy way.


We are also learning a lot more about investments, spending and debt.  Even though I believe many others would benefit from our story, I decided to turn it into an interview with a friend who is an expert on finances, in hopes that you will be encouraged on your journey as well.  He is a married father of four children and believes that individuals can live their lives to the fullest as they navigate a season of transition in light of their resources.



William Wiarda, Cornerstone Wealth Partners


William Wiarda, is an investor coach with Cornerstone Wealth Partners and a Financial coach with Dave Ramsey’s organization, Ramsey Solution,.  He hopes we will understand more clearly the impact of finances during a transition.  He suggests that “smart money decisions start with knowing your life purpose and fully considering your options”, and “If you don’t know where you are going, you don’t know where your money is going!”




While William works to simplify stock market movements and make investing easier to understand, he also he enjoys helping people design and implement the best moves for their savings based on their life direction and personal values.  He specializes in employer investing plans (401k, 403b, Simple IRAs) but most importantly works with people to help them realize personal freedom from debt.


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Here’s to Growing Forward Together as we learn to invest wisely and be free from financial debt.