I was honoured to be invited back for second time on the How to Win at Everything show, hosted by Kelly Blackmon and this time for a panel discussion on “Leadership vs Implicit Bias”, with four other amazing leaders!!

Colleen Wtorek  April D Patterson  Michelle Taylor Willis  Divan Gamaliel (Video Link below)


You can see my first interview Here.


Leadership and implicit bias really do go hand-in-hand.  What I mean by that is this…as an effective leader, it is absolutely crucial that we hone in on our biases so that we can grow forward together and achieve the goals we have set before us.  Not only will it help us implement inclusion more effectively but then we will also learn to treat others the way they want to be treated.  Facing our biases will allow us to take a step back and “put grace in the space” for the other person, be more empathetic while being understanding sensitive to their needs and narrative.


You might not consider yourself a leader, but there are always people you are influencing in your life.  You still have a choice. You can live into your biases and influence others negatively or you can influence others with new and fresh perspectives that enhances your relationships and community on the whole.


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Video Recording of Panel Discussion“How to Win at Everything” panel discussion


Here’s to Growing Forward Together as we continue to understand culture to promote inclusion!!