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Imposter Syndrome: Who Am I Really?

PODCAST: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/growing-forward-together/id1510373513 I am so passionate about being authentic and yet this notion of imposter syndrome is something I keep facing in my role as a business owner, speaker, and podcast host.  The more I learn about my business and the various aspects of it the more I am challenged to...

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Don’t Stay in Place

Don’t Stay in Place

(Disclaimer: I chose this title because I love double meanings, aka: puns, not because I want people to disobey the law!! Please read on and be encouraged...not angry.  Thank you!!) Henry Cloud, author and speaker and owner/operator of boundaries.me shared this quote:...

Ken Schripsema joins Seema Global Consulting

Ken Schripsema joins Seema Global Consulting

I am excited to announce that my husband Ken is joining me here at Seema Global Consulting as our Director of Operations. I have known for years that his professional skills would be of great value to many people and am thankful that now Seema Global Consulting will...

Skin in the Game

Skin in the Game

[Disclaimer:  this piece is not written to one person(s).  It is based on real experiences in my story and may differ from yours.  But I would challenge you to consider how the world around you has been impacted by your skin colour?  Also, I am not using “white” /...